Last Month

I only worked about half this month with all the holidays and time I had to take off for one thing or another so I won’t bother with the standard bullet list of what I got up to last month.

Mostly I wrote another 16k ish of my latest novel Lady Winter, although I’m still not liking that even as a working title. I discussed some alternative titles with friends and so far I’m liking The Flame of Winter but I’ve not changed it yet as I don’t feel too sure. I want something with a similar feel to it as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

I’ve also been working on getting Chains of Freedom into print. Just the cover to finish off for that now and it should be ready for the proof to be ordered. I’m still hoping for the launch event to be in the next 6-8 weeks.

Next Month I want to continue the good writing streak and get something closer to being finished. There’s also lots of editing to do both on Sherdan’s Prophecy and For Such a Time as This but hopefully they will be closer to release by the end of the month. Obviously my progress on all of those can be tracked with the very awesome bars up to the right. I’m getting there, even if it’s slower than I would like.

There will be a lot of research for me to do and planning this coming month as I’ve got a huge amount of research to do for the sequel to Sherdan’s Prophecy and I have to do some more construction of the world and inner workings of the world in Lady Winter’s story. There’s some complicated magical ability things to work out before I get much further into the plot.

Either way it should be a busy month.