Sometimes Jess writes something that doesn’t fit with the usual brand of clean romance and adventure stories. While Jess is perfectly fine with this she realises that not all her fans want to be surprised with stories that don’t fit that mold. As such she’s decided to put alternative stories under a different name (Amelia Price). As a guide to the curious below you will find the reasons behind each story being put under this pen name, making it easier for you to decide if it’s something you’d like to read anyway or not.

The Mycroft Holmes Adventures:

There’s several of these now and for the most part they still fit with the clean romance and adventure but there is a paranormal/supernatural element to how Mycroft and Sherlock are both still alive a hundred years after their last written adventure. On top of that there’s also likely to be the odd, not too described, but still there, sex scene.

The Boy Next Door, in The Bitten Anthology:

This one is definitely a completely different style of story. It’s a vampire romance, so there’s the paranormal element not all readers will enjoy and also a pre-marriage sex scene that is described, although not quite to the length that it’s erotica.

Hopefully the above will help you decide what, if any, of the Amelia Price stories you might enjoy.