As I promised to review all 5 fast and furious films. Here’s the second.

I have to admit this was my least favourite of the five. Although it was still a fairly good film it only had Brian (the cop) from the first one. He looses his job for letting Dom go in the first one and agrees to help the police catch another criminal to get his criminal record cleared.

As in the first one, nothing quite goes according to plan, Brian doesn’t get along very well with the cops trying to ‘help’ him and there are car races and explosions galore. I guess I just seemed to find this one a little too far fetched. There were a couple of ‘gadgets’ that were a bit ott and I’m not sure they would have actually used them.

I also think I missed Dom. He was by far my favourite character in the first one. It wasn’t quite the same without his brooding presence. I just didn’t engage with the other people in the film quite as much as I had with Dom and his family.

In terms of car races, explosions etc this film was just as good as the last but unfortunately my least favourite over all.