I’ve read and reviewed quite a few books by Paul Kater now and this was one of the books I was really fortunate to get to read an advanced copy of the story. The book is finally here.

I’ve mentioned this particular book a couple of times and that it was coming as it’s set in Bristol, at the University about 5-10 years before the first events of Sherdan’s Prophecy, and fans of my Sherdan series will be pleased to know the gorgeous Dr Sherdan Harper does make a cameo in this story.

The story itself is an amazing combination between a fairly typical sci-fi and a gorgeous romance between the two main characters. The Sci-fi part is epic, and encompasses all sorts of interesting, subtle plot lines, and combined with the love interest makes for one awesome ride.

Over the course of the story a good couple of years passes, but the narrative handles the jumps well and helps make the life decisions more believable. I’m not used to a story spanning so much time but I’m definitely not complaining.

When I reached the end I definitely wanted to know more. Seriously hope there’s a sequel to this one.