I had no idea of the plot of this film when I started watching. All I knew was that Matt Damon was in it and there was something important about hats.

With Matt Damon being in it I have to admit I expected something very bourne like but really didn’t find much that the two films had in common. Matt Damon did a semi reasonable job of being a different character and I adored the girl he fell in love with. She had a quirky impulsive sense of humour that made her very endearing and for me was about all that saved the film.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the film. It kept me entertained but I was dissapointed with how little they touched on the idea they presented. The film had a very interesting idea and premise but they explored very little of it by following just how it affected these two people.

They did the typical hollywood thing of staying in new york and seemingly forgetting the rest of the world existed and it’s one of the things that annoys me most about hollywood. It’s hugely egotystical.

Can we please have some films set somewhere other than New York! It’s not the only interesting city in the world and I really doubt some higher establishment would make it their base of operations.