This is the first book in a new series by David Staniforth and he gifted me a free copy in return for my review.

Like the Fuel to the Fire series that I’ve also been reviewing of David’s this is fantasy and starts off from the pov of a young girl who has an amulet that open up Labyrinth like portals for her. The younger main character gives quite a young feel to the story but a good sprinkling of adults helps keep it interesting for audiences of all ages.

I loved the storyline and adored the relationship between the main few characters. While I read I often found myself grinning at something that was said or done. Really can’t fault the book. Didn’t notice any typos, didn’t ever feel jarred out of the story and adored the characters.

The plot felt fairly typical fantasy but it didn’t bore me and I wanted to keep reading, in fact I still do. Definitely hoping there will be more of these.