While I’ve been browsing my way through the secret hidden forums of the kindle publishers/authors world I’ve met quite a number of authors and a few have stuck out to me. I’d like to introduce you to Patrick, just one of those authors, who is working to create a list on Amazon.com and .co.uk populated by the best books from indie authors. This is the first of many projects Patrick is working on as he also has a website being created called The ePublishing Consortium

I asked Patrick some questions about him and the list he is creating and thought I’d share some of what he said.

How long have you been publishing as an indie author/interested in indie ebook publishing?

I have been publishing books since 2007 when I released Legacy Inheritance in paperback.  I wrote the manuscript and donated the first printing to a nonprofit as a fundraiser.  I have been writing books since 1993 as a hobby.

What exactly is the list and what made you decide to invest your time effort and money into other authors by creating it?

The list is designed to find the best authors and promote their works in an otherwise difficult-to-find environment.  Most new eAuthors and their books are the hardest to promote due to being an ‘unknown quantity’.  There is a strong struggle for these authors as they do not know their way around the industry due to being new/inexperienced at it.  The List is a tie-in to the ePublishing Consortium where works can be shown, the best can be promoted, the Consortium selects their award recipients and authors can promote their books to increase sales.

The reason this effort is being focused on a solution for all eAuthors is due to its real need.  The publishing industry is undergoing a major evolution right now.  It is somewhat in a state of flux and chaos.  It is during the times of chaos where the most change occurs.  The need for independent, as well as veteran, authors to publish their own work has come.  There will always be a nostalgia about paper books.  But, the direction is clear… electronic is the format of the future.  We are seeing the cutting edge of this evolution now.

What do you hope to gain from the list both personally and for others?

I have always had sort of a Robin Hood complex wanting to help those who need it.  My life has not been perfect and there is a learning curve with each new venture, but, there is nothing like the power of people working together to build something.  There is a strong personal satisfaction derived from being part of that.

You can check out the list on Amazon.com here and .co.uk here.