I went to see this film at the cinema in 3d just after it came out. I don’t read the Marvel comics so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I knew Captain America was the first Avenger and that this film was the lead up to the Avengers film next year. I also knew that he helped in American wars so I was expecting some war stuff.

Like Iron Man 2 there wasn’t as much action in the film as I was expecting. Other than a sort of car chase near the start their was hardly any at all in the first half of the movie. Even when they did get into the acrtion they glossed over the destroying of all of the Hydra bases, bar the first and the last. I thought this would bother me. I like my action films. Surprisingly it didn’t. There was lots of delicious back story and cross over characters that I was oblivious to the lack of action until I got to the end and suddenly thought ‘hang on a sec, where were all the explosions and fight scenes.’

I was in love with the majority of the cast. Tommy Lee Jones provided some amazing comic relief in a role that was perfect for him. Captain America himself was spot on and so was his girly, Agent Carter. Samuel L. Jackson had his usual cameo right at the end.

I was delighted when I saw Hugo Weaving’s face pop up only a few minutes into the film, I practically had kittens in my cinema chair. I do believe I squealed in a proper fan girly style. Unfortunately my delight lasted all of about 5 second, he opened his mouth and for those brief few second a mostly ok German accent came out. It soon got dropped, however and it never really ever came back. In terms of the role Hugo Weaving made a totally perfect Red skull but why why oh why did he not practice the accent more and get told by the director to reshoot the scenes that weren’t good enough. Hugo you let me down!

I did have a second fan girly moment, however, when Howard Stark was introduced, who was incidently played very well. I just got very excited when they reused the theme from the Stark expo in Iron Man 2 to introduce Tony’s father. He was amusingly very similar to Tony Stark as well and it was great comic relief to hear some of his lines.

So all in all apart from a slightly dodgy (read non-existant) german accent I thought this film was amazing and really really can’t wait for the Avengers film next year, or Iron Man 3.