Pixar films are normally some of my favourite films. They’re original, funny and out of the box. Lately, however, they’ve been doing a lot more sequels than they used to. Almost playing safe a little.

Obviously Cars 2 is the sequel to Cars. Cars was amazing. One of the better pixar in my opinion. Cars 2, not so much. It really is a sequel just for the sake of it. It will amuse the children regardless but I really didn’t think it was worth the bother.

Mater is the bigger focus in this film. His cute dumbness was still cute but too much with him as the main character. Lightning McQueen was more of a bit part than an actual character and it was even worse for the other residents of Radiator Springs. Michael Cain was the only relief. His normal british voice soothed the annoyance of the rest.

The plot was ok, but nothing special. A lot more predictable than pixar usually is. It just couldn’t hold my attention for very long.

I can’t stress how much I’d really like pixar to go back to more original out of the box ideas. Stop with the playing safe! I want more gambles like Wall-e and Up. More revolutionary technology and ideas like Toy Story was when it first came out and less of the same old characters doing the same old things like Toy story 3 being just like Toy story 2.