This is the second book in the hunger games trilogy

It starts a few months after the last one and goes through the after affects of the first and katniss’ reaction to everything that has happened. It follows a pretty similar plot formula to the first but thankfully doesn’t over describe anything already talked about in the first. I don’t mind a book that mentions a few things that readers of the first know but some feel they have to explain everything again. This sequel really doesn’t do that. You pretty much have to have read the previous one to understand exactly what’s going on.

It also started to grate on me that these have all been written in first person but that may be because I’m reading them in such a short space of time.

The new characters in this book are brilliant. They are funny quirky and endearing and thankfully more of them survive the events of this book. Something that was a defintie down side of the first book. It’s hard to stay attached to characters when you know they are going to die.

Just like the first I had to pick up the next book right away. I will be reviewing that shortly.