Normally in this scheduled blog post I share something I’m up to with you all but today I’d like to share somethings I’ve not made but purchased from some other amazing creative peeps.

The first has been mentioned a few times on facebook and is one of the best purchases I think I’ve ever made, although everything I’m going to share today comes close.

Tardis Journal by Claire

This is based on the journal River Song uses in Dr. Who. It’s the Dr himself who gives it to her, although the first time you see it, it’s pretty much as old as it’s going to get, falling apart and crammed full of out of order info and notes by River.

I’ve wanted something I can write my ideas down into for months and, well, probably years and it is something I’ve just been putting off, relying on my memory and a few sentences in evernote to remember all the good ideas I’ve ever had.

When I went to the Dr. Who exhibition in Cardiff a few months back I was looking around the shop and seeing what they had and noticed there was a large amount of notebooks but nothing in the style of River’s Tardis Journal. I like my notebooks but I’d really hoped to be able to get something similar so I came away a little disappointed (the exhibition itself was awesome though).

I looked on the Dr. Who online store as the shop assistant said I might be able to find it there, but still no luck. The closest they had was a lined notebook with a plastic cover that had a flat picture with the pattern on but no actual grooves or dents and no tardis blue leather.

But thanks to Claire I now have this, with all my book idea notes in, in whatever order the parts, snippets of dialogues, and scenes have come in. It’s full of spoilers, out of order and I’ve had to leave the first few pages blank to index it all when it’s full, just like the actual journal River Song used.

It’s made with a basic journal, card and tardis blue tissue paper (as far as I’m aware) so not a leather version but it feels amazing and I think I spent about the first week stroking it. I’m also going to be photographing each and every page to back it up in the off chance I might lose it but it goes everywhere with me so chances are slim.

Claire is also one half of Flaire, a fantastic crafty couple of ladies, who come with my recommendation (I also believe Claire is taking commissions for more tardis journals if anyone else wants one) and you can check out all their awesome stuff via their facebook page here and the have an etsy shop here. I’ve bought a few things these guys have made and always want to buy more.

Steampunk Pocket Watch by Geek Creature Creations

This is just one of the many cool things you can get from this crafter. While this is probably one of the simplest things it was something I fell in love with right away (I also have a nyan cat Christmas tree decoration and I’m about to buy something else, but still deciding what I want)

As I’ve mentioned in various places I have quite a love for Steampunk and dragons and this was the perfect accessory for me when it comes to designing steampunk clothes. The chain was one of several options and this one allows me to clip the watch to the waist band of whatever trousers I’m wearing.

It also has the standard push button at the top which flips down the cover and features a rather pretty watch face. I’d seen some other pocket watches that had very modern clock faces and it just looked wrong so I was very pleased to see that this one looked a bit more elegant and old fashioned.

The pieces in Geek Creature Creations tend to be limited numbers or often, one of a kind items and commissions are also accepted, so I often check out their facebook page here to see what their latest designs are and they come with my recommendation as well, especially for the speedy service. Now all I have to do is decide what I want from them next!