Around christmas time I finally managed to pin down my food problem to wheat. This was brilliant in several ways. Most notably, that I could finally feel totally better, but also because it turned out that cutting wheat out of my diet has led to me shedding the two stone I put on while sick with incredible ease.

At first it proved a rather difficult adjustment. Wheat is in so many things, from sausages to gravy and then the obvious things like bread and cake. It made a huge difference to what I usually ate. A bunch of cereals are completely out and toast isn’t an option, which left me with things like scrambled eggs and mushrooms for breakfast or fruit.

Lunch has become salads or last night left overs reheated, and dinners have probably changed the least. Where wheat used to form my most major carbohydrate I’ve switched it out for rice and potatoes, but for the most part the rest has stayed the same. The free from section of the supermarket has wheat free pasta which helps. I’ve also increased the vegetables to help myself feel full despite the lack of bread.

Since Christmas time, I’ve gone down from being 11 stone (154 pounds for the peeps in the US) to 8 stone 8 (120 pounds). Although I am snacking slightly less (the advantage of not being able to eat cakes or biscuits). I’m still eating raisens and nuts as well as baking cakes and flapjack. There’s an awesome flourless cake recipe here. I’ve made that quite a number of times to solve the no cake problem. I’ve also found wheat free sausages and at my local supermarket the venison and the lamb burgers are made wheat free.

I’ve seen a slight increase in my food bill (veg and fruit are surprisingly more expensive) but over all I’m really pleased that cutting out something to make me feel better has also resulted in me losing the weight I gained while sick, plus a little more that it probably didn’t hurt to lose.

Now I guess I need to go shopping for more clothes. If I was a normal woman that might be a good thing, but I’m not and I’m dreading it.