As I mentioned a while back I play an MMO called Entropia and they’ve recently released a new item which costs players $100 to buy and then returns 25% of the planets entire gross revenue to the 60,000 created. The payments are paid weekly on the monday after the weeks end.

I bought one of these when they were first released back in December. Since then I’ve been logging my payments. Here’s the dates and amounts so far.

5th Dec 2011: $0.350

12th Dec 2011: $0.532

19th Dec 2011: $0.542

26th Dec 2011: $0.194

2nd Jan 2012: $1.041

9th Jan 2012: $0.586

16th Jan 2012: $0.599

23rd Jan 2012: $0.590

30th Jan 2012 $0.610

6th Feb 2012 $0.607

That’s a total return so far of $5.651 and a percentage ROI so far of %29.39 on average

I know there are two anomoly weeks. The really really low one just after christmas day and then the really high one the week after. On average they are still higher than normal. I imagine not many people play in the time running up to christmas and as there is a yearly event in the game during the following week I Imagine it accounts for the high right after (and I’d assume the two weeks affect each other in terms of economics stuff as well).

If this keeps up my projected date to hit $100 back again is: 20th April 2015

I know that seems a long time away but it’s not too bad at all and I’ve noticed that Entropia has more players than it did 3 months ago, something that seems to be increasing steadily as well. On top of that over half the deeds have now sold which fits my initial predictions that they will all be gone by 6 months. As they run out as long as demand holds the deeds will still be worth a $100 or so to pass on to another player and may even go up in value if demand continues after they’ve sold.