This is the 4th film in the franchise and possibly my favourite. I struggle to decide whether I like this one more or the first but this one probably spends over half the time being my favourite. I think mostly it’s because I am relieved they go back to the format of the first, and the original team is back together hijacking trucks again. There are a few more twists and turns in the plot of this one as well which makes it even more interesting.

Brian is also a cop again and there is another very awesome race between Dom and Brian, complete with quirky sat nav guidance.

Brian has to, yet again, earn the trust of Dom, Mia and the rest of the team which includes Han from the third film. Han is an awesome addition to the group and I was really pleased when I saw him in the film as he’s one of my favourites from the third.

I also felt this film had quite a few awesome one liners in it. There is a cute one when Brian admits to someone else that he dated Dom’s sister.

Vin Diesel’s acting is also on top form. His brooding presence as Dom is so well done and is the perfect combination of passive aggresive and calm cool attitude. He really knows how to act as this kind of guy and the only thing lacking is a little bit of grief over the death in the film. I wasn’t 100% sure he grieved as much as he should. Admittedly he is a guy that doesn’t show much emotion but I would have personally liked a little more.

The end rocked too but I won’t spoil that.