This ebook was gifted to me by the author Matthew McFarland in return for a review.

There are several reflective and thought provoking short stories in this collection and I have to admit it threw me at first. When I think of good short stories I think of action packed scenes or spine tingling moments. I rarely think of the slow moving ones that make you think.

Once I got used to the style, however I found them very enjoyable, all except one, which seemed to be a little out of place in this collection. There was nothing wrong with the story of this particular short but The Seventeenth Door was a good bit more sinister and dark, when the majority of the rest were reflective.

Of the reflective ones I enjoyed all of them fairly equally. They made me think a little too much to read them all in one go but that’s no bad thing.

The stories are all well told and I would recommend these for anyone looking for something to fit into short gaps while waiting or in a queue somewhere. just be warned, for ‘The Seventeenth Door’ you’ll want to be in the right frame of mind.