I didn’t get to watch this when it was first out as I don’t have sky TV but I picked up the blur-ray on an off chance it might be good. It was recommended to me so it wasn’t entirely pot luck and I do often like a good fantasy plot, on top of that I love dragons.

The first episode was like most first episodes of tv series, they had packed everything you were likely to find offensive about the series into the first episode so you’d know if you were likely to be interested or not before bothering with the rest. As such, there was a lot more nudity and gore than I would usually like in something I watch but as the series progressed it mellowed out a little. Don’t get me wrong, there were still quite a lot of sexual refrences, shots of naked women, and plenty of blood but much less than the first episode.

The plot was the shows biggest redeeming feature and if I hadn’t decided I liked the characters I’d have definitely given up after the first couple of episodes. I just, personally, don’t see the need for all the explicit stuff all the time. But as mentioned I really really liked the characters, Sean Bean was on top form and there were a few other actors who will now be on my to watch list.

Annoyingly there was not that much to do with dragons but the last episode made me hopeful there would be some more dragon stuff in the next series. All in all though I think I might try the books. I can more easily gloss over the bits I don’t like in a book so I don’t have to read about all the sex and gore.

Also at the time of writing this the ebook is only £3.99 and it’s over 280,000 words long so I’ve snapped it up and will get reading, hopefully I can review that too and say which people might prefer.