I have a friend who has just been told he has cancer. This friend lives in the US and therefore doesn’t have NHS health cover and as such he has a bunch of medical bills to pay, bills that really aren’t cheap.

This friend is Brandon Hale. He writes the very awesome Day Soldiers series and has a story along with mine in the Kiss anthology I mentioned recently. He’s an amazing bloke, with a lovely wife, but they’re collectively facing a really tough financial time.

Now most of my readers are in the UK, if any of us or anyone we know gets told the frankly scary news that they have cancer, they have the comfort of knowing the NHS is there for them and they can just move through the system getting all the treatement they need. But Brandon needs some help, so if you have some spare cash and feel moved enough to donate you can do so at the page one of his friends has set up here. He’s also written a blog talking about why he needs money and how his income is affected (he’s a writer who can’t currently write so there’s more than just medical costs associated with this) which you can read here.

Finally if you can’t spare much in the way of money or you’re not comfortable just donating money to someone you don’t know, he has some amazing books. The first of which is free and here. Please grab it, read it and if you like it, buy and read the rest of the series. And if you’re not a reader, let others know about the books who might enjoy them. Every time someone grabs a copy or shares it, it helps Brandon’s income stream stay steady to pay his bills while he’s unable to work. The books are really really good, so you should be reading them.

Thanks for reading this. I don’t like asking people for money but I think it’s important someone’s fight with cancer isn’t made harder just because money is a problem, especially when here in the UK we rarely have to be concerned about it.