At first I was a little puzzled by this film. I’d only vaguely heard it existed and knew absolutely nothing about it. The opening shot is amazing and made me think of the new Tin Tin film and I soon sat back to enjoy the mildly bizarre but awesome plot that followed.

And awesome it was. Maybe because I have a love for technology combined with creativity but I loved the automatons they had and the dialogue was wonderful.

I really can’t say a bad thing about this film. I thought the actors all did amazingly and it was brilliant to see Christopher Lee in a nice role and all of the side characters were perfect too. The plot was fairly linear but it didn’t seem to matter. The film was pure art and it didn’t need anything else at all.

I watched it with a big group of people and I think it helped set the atmosphere as we all laughed together and there is always something extra helpful about a room where everyone is finding it easy to laugh.

It’s definitely one I’ll be picking up for myself.