I have been in two minds about seeing this film for absolutely ages. I have a lot of dreams and was wary that a film all about manipulating dreams would have a very negative impact on my dreams. I was also quite wary of the fact of the only two films on my very much banned list one of which was directed by the same person as Inception. As such I didn’t go to see the film at cinema ( in case I would want to walk out part way through) but waited until a convenient time to watch it with my most trusted film critic.

Thankfully the film had none of the problems I was afraid off, in fact it had quite the reverse affect on my thoughts. The film was much much lighter than I was expecting and although it dealt with some pretty difficult issues that I won’t mention here, it handled them amazingly well.

Although the main plot of the film was to do a particular job before they ran out of time I was pleased to note the film actually spent a good deal more of it’s time focusing on the affects of the issues, and other things in peoples lives, had on the dream they created. That the things we dwell on, good or bad, come out in what we do, whether we want them to or not.

I really loved this idea as I personally feel that it’s something an artist or anyone who creates can never be too careful about. We create from the input into our lives and the important things to us. Therefore, what we watch, read and take in, in our every day lives, as well as the state of our own emotions and hearts, comes out in our work. It’s incredibly hard to write a light fluffy poem about sunshine and clouds when you’ve just watched The Dark Knight and you’re still really bitter and angry about the fact someone crashed into your car in the car park that morning and drove off.

It’s a pure example of what goes in must come out and I think that’s true for everyone, not just creative people. Therefore, we have to be relatively guarded with what we watch and read if we want to be careful what comes out of us.

Another thing Inception did well was the whole notion of accountability. For a good chunk of the film only one other person knew of the main characters issues and rather than telling everyone or being angry with him she gently helped him through working it out, offering her support and encouraging him to open up to her. In doing so it gave the main character the support and courage he needed to face his own issues and deal with them.

I would hope anyone I created anything with would have the same understanding and encouragement with me if some of my issues came out in my work, and that, as a result, whatever we created together would be a lot better for it.

In terms of the cinematography the film was, in short, amazing. I really do feel a little annoyed I didn’t go see it on the big screen. However, I’d actually be defying the films main premise if I had. It’s important to be careful what we see, read and let feed us emotionally.