I held out from seeing the newer version of Karate Kid for quite some time. I loved the old version and often rewatched it when it was shown on tv.

The new one, like the old one, is about a young boy who has to move from his home to a new place because of his mother’s work. He instantly get’s picked on and get’s beaten up by some slightly older kids.

While this was similar and most of the major plot points were the same, they had managed to change so many minor things that it didn’t feel like exactly the same film modernised. Jacki chan made a pretty good teacher. Not quite as good as Mr Miyagi but close. I’d even dare to say little Mr Smith was even better at playing the Karate kid than our original Daniel San.

My one big gripe with the film, however, was the fact it wasn’t Karate they chose to use as the martial art of the film but Kung Fu. Unfortunately for me, having done Karate, I got jarred out of the film every time they fought. I couldn’t help thinking that it just seemed wrong to teach Kung Fu in a film titled Karate Kid. I can see that as it was a remake they had to keep the title but I would have insisted they keep the Karate part too had I been doing it, whether Kung Fu is more popular now or not.

I’d say for most of the people who liked the original they should enjoy this one, especially younger peeps who aren’t so attached to the old one. It was worth the time I spent on it though I probably won’t buy it as I’m only likely to watch it if someone else really wants to. If it had been the first attempt at Karate Kid and named Kung fu Kid instead then it would have been loved even more than the original I think but as it currently stands the older version still claims my heart.