In Sherdan’s Prophecy I mention that Sherdan and Anya head to a small village off the south of Bath to enjoy a picnic together, this village is Southstoke.

During the book I happen to mention they sit down on the ground in front of a stone bench, set into the hillside. The picture above is that very stone bench.

I found this location not very far from the house I used to live in while out walking with my mum and very much fell in love. The views from the seat are amazing.

This is what it looks like during the day, which as you can see it quite spectacular. In the book Sherdan takes Anya when it’s dark so they wouldn’t have been able to see all this detail but the view is still really rather special, even then (yes, I’ve also been at night, but photos don’t come out that great).

For any intrepid explorer types who want to find this bench and view, it’s a very short walk away from Southstoke and you can park right where Sherdan parks if you wish. Below is a map. You can come in from Bath, via Combe down and then park at the hill, then follow the black dashed line to the bench.

I don’t want to plot spoil so I won’t say too much about their visit here but I do think it has a certain charm to it.