So I reach update 2 and find myself with only 4000 words to go of the massive 50,000 word total. The writing since my last update has been relatively uneventful. My original plot has been so forgotten I don’t really know what’s happening next in my book but that’s not really that unusual. Once I’ve finished this next 4k I’ll sit down and re-evaluate where it’s all going.

Despite the high chance of me hitting 50,000 way before the end of the month I don’t really expect to get much more done. It seems my last few days of November are so full of wedding related things like Hen nights and bridesmaids dress fittings and then the few Christmassy things on to that other than the rest of this week I’m not going to get much opportunity to add to the total.

But back to my beloved characters. Anya turned out to be a little more gutsy than I imagined her. Seems the first few chapters helped her grow some inner strength and Sherdan softened a little but only a very little. I’ve got countless semi named characters whose names are bound to change a few times in editing and a country I’ve still not properly named. I don’t really like naming under pressure.

For my first attempt at NaNoWriMo I’m pretty happy with how things have gone. It’s been harder lately than it was at the start of the month though. I really think I need to get some kind of tablet with handwriting recognition software. The typing up is a complete pain.