I was lent this film by my fellow blogger Chrysalis who also reviewed the film. I read his review before reading and it intrigued me enough to try watching the film as well.

It’s a very sad film and one I wouldn’t normally consider watching for that reason. I think life is sad enough without dwelling on sad things. However, sometimes sad things can remind us of the good things we have and for me that’s what this film did. It showed what it felt like to know life would be short and how important it was to make the most of each day.

I came away wanting to seek each of the people I cared about and let them know I cared. It was just a shame I was sick at the time and couldn’t see many of them.

The directorship and the acting were perfect. Kiera Knightly did a better job than I think I’ve ever seen her do. There was a particularly good moment between the other two main characters that had me moved to tears and was amazingly well acted. I felt sad but at the same time relieved that the circumstances in the film were, thankfully, not happening in real life.

It was very much a warning that the film conveyed that we can’t forget our humanity and become too selfish. Life is about so much more.