I recently acquired myself a new board game/card game. It’s a little like Dominion and Dungeons and Dragons but not quite either of them.

2015-04-14 09.58.16Mostly this is a deck building game where you adventure through different scenarios and try to beat the bad guys before your time runs out. You have characters and classes like dungeons and dragons but everything is simplified onto several cards and you have a basic beginner deck rather than the equipment normally chosen at the beginning of a dungeons and dragons game.

2015-04-14 11.30.49A half played game with two characters looks a bit like this —-> The adventure path, adventure and scenario card lay across the top (there are 6 adventures in the adventure path +the tutorial adventure in the base set, and then the adventures have 5 scenarios in, with the tutorial having another 3 scenarios), the base set comes with the tutorial adventure and the first of the 6 adventures in the adventure path. The other 5 adventures can be bought seperately for approx £13-15 which isn’t too bad for 5 scenarios given that they take anywhere between 1.5-3hours to play. I also bought the character expansion set which allows me to have 6 players at once and 11 base characters to choose from.

2015-04-14 11.31.11The next section down (the top part of the picture <—-) is the turn counter. At the start of the scenario 30 blessings cards are counted out, each time a character starts their turn they flip one over. This acts as a game timer. the next set of cards down are the locations. You have to try and find the Villian or his henchmen in the different locations before your time runs out. As you can see there are four of these, one of which is out of cards to explore and one of which has a bad guy on top. This game is part way through and the far left location has been explored and the bad guys there defeated.

This game also has a really nice way of playing solo and can be repeatably played quite easily. I have a feeling I’m going to lose a lot of time to this one, although it should be pretty fun with my friends too.