This is the second film they made in the Narnia series and features the actor who made his first major film debut in Stardust a few years before.

I loved the start of this film, back in the real world and the London Underground system. Susan has started taking an interest in boys, although only a little and a boy has taken an interest in her. It never gets any further than that, however, before she’s sucked along with her brothers and sister into Narnia again.

In Narnia many hundreds, even thousands of years later they pop up in their own castle, only now it’s ruins on an island.

Shortly after they meet Peter Dinklage in his role as a dward, otherwise known as DLF, if you’ve read the books.

The acting by our already adored family of siblings has improved another step, although they were pretty good before, now they are even better, age lending them some more skills.

Prince Caspian, played by Ben Barnes does a reasonable job in this role. He’s a little samey in comparison to earlier roles but it does step somewhat from his very understated way of acting. He’s relaxed and not overbearing and this, at least, makes him seem natural in whatever role he plays.

The storyline is made nicely epic in the film, matching the style of the first well. They make a good pair. There’s also plenty more Aslan wisdom and he helps out at the end, although not as much as he does in the first film. They have a few trust issues, but they get there in the end.

This one is also a little darker and feels like evil gets the upper hand more, despite the white witch being banished but good still triumphs as it should in a good vs evil movie. At the very end we get back into the real world and unlike the first we get to see some more of what’s happening there and it resolves very well, if I do say so myself!