One of my friends recently introduced me and my husband to the game rockband. We had played it a little before now but only the odd few songs here and there and only one version of the game, where you often run out of songs you know in the first hour of playing. It’s fun for a little while but conversation soon moves on to other things. However, this particular friend had all of the games as well as many downloaded extra tracks, I believe somewhere over 400 songs in total.

One hour soon turned into several, we even then came back the next day. To be fair, I’m not entirely suprised, my husband is a drummer and our house is litered with instruments we’ve both played/currently play.

Several weeks later we’d arranged to have an entire friday night of it, we then spent roughly 6 hours playing rockband. At this point we knew we were obsessed. The hard work has paid off, however, the 4 of us that played it the most managed our best performance to date, Linkin park’s In The End, all on expert and with the backing vocals turned off.

On the keys we had my lovely husband, Philip Mountifield, on the guitar we had the amazing Nathan Boxall, and harmonising the vocals was the lyrical artist Alex Feltham and of course myself. It was just such a shame that we had forgotten to sign in and our scores were not recorded.