As luck would have it our constant source of news on Anya and Sherdan has managed to find a small part of the prophecy they’ve been talking about over the last few months. An excerpt of the prophecy is posted below, unfortunately we could not obtain all of it, only some…

When the lion with an owls beak rises from the ashes of old industrialisation a leader will come to the faithful. He will see into all and be the final judge. Only with him will people reach their enlightened state and gain the gifts of devotion. He will lead his people to a better world in preparation for the last days.

The first sign of the end times will be the rising up of the enlightened people, they will flock to the leader as bees to nectar. He will teach them and lead them in the ways of the Ox.

When the three spoons of prosperity are gathered together with the plow a badger’s set will be made. It will grow and form until it can no longer be contained within it’s shell. It shall keep it’s desires secret but parade it’s existance to all, growing fat from the ignorance of the weak.

Then comes the great shedding. The badger will detach itself from the world around and shed it’s skin to reveal the gyroscope underneath. Only the worthy will be able to cross the void between the untouched and the enlightened.

She will come, walking with glass slippers…


Disclaimer: The above prophecy is a complete work of fiction. I do not expect a single word of it to come true as I just made it up on the spot to fit a rough plot idea I had in my head. Please do not start any cults, religious organisations or anything equally group like based on the above idea of how the world might end. I was not divinly inspired.