This is the second book in the Silo series by Hugh howey, and I’ve reviewed the first one, Wool, here.

ShiftThis book starts off in the past and from the perspective of a fresh set of characters at first and I found it was a little difficult to keep reading everything as I really wanted to get back to the characters in the first book rather than past characters, although I did really like the look into how everything began.

It felt like it had a slower pace and seemed to build up to an ending that never really quite happened. Almost slightly anti-climactic really. I can only assume it was setting up for book 3, Dust, but I felt it was weaker than book 1 and I can only hope the final book restores the series.

Some of the information dotted among the story was useful to know, especially that there was ten metres of concrete between each level of the silo, as I found myself wondering when reading book 1 why it took so long to climb up and down the entire thing. Having that between each level is a detail that makes it all so much more sensible.

All in all, not as good as the first but probably because it’s setting up the next book. Still a reasonable read.