A while back I read and reviewed the very awesome book Skid, by Doug Solter. There’s about to be a sequel out on September 23rd and I get to be part of the big cover reveal fun! So here it is!

You can be pretty sure I’m going to be after a copy of this book as soon as I can get it! For those curious, here’s the blurb:

Eighteen-year-old Samantha Sutton is back for a new racing season in Formula One. The hot new racing star of Wolert Porsche has everything she wants. An awesome team. An awesome car. And the perfect boy. But her optimism sinks when her boss steals arch-rival Emilio Ronaldo away from Ferrari and makes the sexist jerk her team’s premier driver.

Stressing about Emilio, Samantha struggles with her new public life as a teen sports star. Finding time to be the best girlfriend to Manny proves more and more difficult. It also doesn’t help that Manny’s ex-girlfriend Hanna shows up. The girl who was just released from a mental hospital.

The pressure on Samantha becomes unbearable. Paranoia, mistrust, and jealousy take over. She lashes out at everyone as the world seems determined to bring her down.

Can Samantha rise above it all and win the world championship? Or will this be the end of everything?

There’s a handy goodreads linky to add it to the to-read list ahead of the release date and if anyone wants to make sure they don’t miss it, they can subscribe to Doug’s newsletter and claim a free ebook or audiobook file of the first in the series too.

Seriously, if you’ve not read the first one and don’t have a copy yet, do grab it. It is one of the best books I’ve been asked to review to date.

Finally there’s some paper versions up for grabs so be sure to enter into that!
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