I was given a free copy of the ebook version of Skid by Doug Solter in return for my review.

This is about a teenager called Samantha who has grown up spending a lot of time behind the wheel of a racing car. She’s got lots of experience and had an encouraging father.

In every other respect Samantha is a normal teenager. She’s a little naive about the world, easily angered and very affected by love, although oblivious to most interest in her.

I found myself enjoying this novel much more than I expected from the description and opening chapter. Samantha soon wormed her way into my heart and I found myself routing for her, both in love and in races. I could hardly put the book down and read it in less than two days.

Only one slight thing niggled at me. One particular character who also raced on the same team as Samantha kept saying ‘,yes?’ at the end of most of his sentences even when it didn’t quite seem to fit. I found this a little odd and couldn’t quite get my head around how sentences would be ended like this so often, but it could just be I’ve not met someone who speaks like that. It thankfully, only threw me for a few pages. The character only has a small part to play.

The romance was gorgeous and I actually really liked the rest of the results of the plot too. I completely felt Samantha’s struggle with her difficulties and appreciated her triumphs even more. I also very much loved the ending. It was a perfect ending to the book even though it wasn’t a perfectly happy ending, it still felt right.

I strongly urge readers to pick this book up. It’s one of the best I’ve read in a while.