Fairytale remakes seems to be in fashion in Hollywood at the moment but this one seems to have benefited from the remake. The story wasn’t exactly the same but that was a good thing. The film could have risked being completely predictable but it wasn’t actually that bad. There were inevitably going to be the odd few moment where you thought ‘I know what’s going to happen now’ but they didn’t detract from the film.

The film blended little bits from several of my favourites, with the backdrop of Lord of The Rings as well as a hint of the newer Alice In Wonderland and a bit of a Game of Thrones style medievil influence, without the nakedness and gore. It turned out to be a pretty impressive combination and I adored the world that was created.

On top of all that the casting was really pretty good. The Huntsman was one of my favourite characters and I even managed to ignore the resemblence of Bella from Twilight and Snow White because even though she looked almost identical she still felt different enough and olde worlde enough that I didn’t feel like I was watching a different film at any point.

My favourite part was, by far, when the dwarves appeared. They were delightful and the casting was, yet again, perfect. I really recommend anyone who likes a good plot and old fashioned hero style films to go see this one as soon as you can.