This is a short story in the Something series by Ben Starling, and was given to me in return for my review.

Something in the airWhile quite short this story is very sweet. It’s a fairly typical romance story but there was just something so gentle yet poignant about this one, that I found myself really routing for the couple after only a few pages.

The characterisation is definitely the strong point of this story, something that always makes a book good for me. If I can understand the characters and find a way to like them then I can read pretty much any genre out there and Ben doesn’t waste his words when it comes to making you adore his characters.

I was left feeling a little disappointed by the end but with a short that often happens. A good short is always far too short. It may have been a little rushed with the ending and not quite finished, but given that this is meant to be an introduction to a series and a short to boot that could just be because of the style. I’m definitely not going to knock it down any stars because of it.

I really can’t wait to read more by this author.