More Liam Neeson!

And yes that does pretty much sum up this film. Liam Neeson, looking fantastically bad-ass and lots of people trying to get to him because they want revenge.

To be fair the plot really lacks but Liam does a good job with what he’s been given. His action is top notch and there’s some really funny moments in his over-protectiveness of his daughter. Normally that kind of thing is ott in films but this being the sequel to taken where his daughter was taken by traffickers (In case you hadn’t worked that part out yet) you can see why he’s doing it and I thought it made things even funnier.

It also had the one thing almost all action films need, a car chase! with a bit of a cute twist. Liam wasn’t driving! Which actually ended up being even better.

My favourite bit has to be how they ended up entering the American Embassy. I really won’t say more than that because I don’t want to spoil anything for those who’ve not seen it. I also really really loved how Neeson and his daughter worked out where he was so she could get to him. Fantastic piece of science! I actually learnt something from watching a film.

The biggest downside to this film was the lack of focus on trafficking. I saw the first one because of that focus because even though it was exaggerated in places I thought it was amazing that a film was putting such a horrible crime in the lime light for people to be faced with it.

Mostly the film was about Neeson getting to beat up even more of the bad criminals in lots of interesting ways. I even think the ending message of the film was meant to be Neeson doesn’t need a gun to kill you, he can just kill you! I mean, how many actors do you know who can pull of this —> and look cool doing it? There really aren’t many! ( I can’t actually think of any but feel free to prove me wrong)

So I’m glad I watched this film. I do like action so no dissapointments there, I just wish they had written a more trafficking related plot. There are rumours of a third one so maybe Neeson can actually go save something other than himself and his family and finish taking out the trafficking cartel he’s already mauled a few times and rescue some innocents along they way?