I picked this book up on goodreads free in exchange for a review. This is a sci-fi/ fantasy book with a bit of mystery/thriller thrown in for good measure by Sophie Davis.

I really liked the main character of this book, Talia. She was a tough chick and perfectly kick-ass. I also thought the plot was great and was sucked into the book from the beginning, making it very hard to put the book down. The author really knew her characters and did a good job of getting them across.

I’d have said  it was a perfect adventure story if it wasn’t for the need of a seriously good proof read. The amount of missing words in sentences and odd places where words like ‘that’ and ‘it’s’ appeared where they shouldn’t be often making a sentence entirely nonsensical was a great put off. On top of that there would often be words with the wrong tense ending or an s missed off for a plural, coupled with my pet peeve the s’s at the end of a possesive name that normally ends in s when it should have been s’ at the end instead. When people say Jess’s house for example it should actually be Jess’ house. Because there is an s before the apostrophe it doesn’t need one after.

Unfortunately it meant I just couldn’t get fully absorbed into the story.