So this is another of those classics I attempted in an effort to make myself more cultured and well, study the people who were meant to be the greats.

I just want to say, classics you are not known for your happy endings. War and Peace had a bitter sweet ending (my favourite character died). Wuthering Heights has an unhappy ending, and so does this. I remember why I love Jane Austen.

To be fair. The book was well written and I loved the main character Tess, but I got to about two-thirds of the way and found the book just made me feel sadder and sadder the more I read. All of it is basically about the concept that no matter how sweet and innocent Tess tried to be and how hard she worked at trying to make a life for herself, more clever people and life in general, kept screwing her over, until she died because of it!

I know that’s a plot spoiler, but seriously, how depressing can a book get! The very thought of going through life, doing everything you can to be happy and finding you’re totally screwed through little fault of your own, is so hope destroyingly sucky that I am surprised I could actually finish the book, but I kept going, hoping against hope that something would happen to work it all out and her husband might actually show up in time to stop her from being ruined. But he doesn’t!!!!!

I’m reading Jane Eyre next. I know that one has a happy ending.