I grabbed this book on pre-order a week or so ago on recommendation from a friend (don’t worry I’m not struggling with debt, I just believe being responsible with money is a very worthwhile task).

It starts off with a bit of an explanation about the author’s own situation and then a reassurance that there is a way out, something I’m well aware people need to hear when they’re facing mounting debt. It then suggest a 21 day strategy for working from the bleakness of being managed by debt to the exact opposite in very simple steps. The first few deal with stopping the situation get worse and then it progresses into a daily lifestyle that not only stops you going backwards but once the debt is gone will help people save for the things they want like houses, holidays and even investments.

Although the book comes across as quite basic I found myself nodding along with the suggestions and ways of handling finances, but even more than that, it made me feel the hopefulness that comes with a secure financial future. I don’t even struggle with debt and it made me feel better. That a little hard work and sensible decision making can change everything.

For anyone who wants in debt this is a great way to get started on the journey back to freedom, and I’d recommend even those who aren’t in debt put some of these things into practice. I look forward to reading more by the same author.