I was gifted a copy of this book by the author, Vickie McKeehan, in return for a review.

From the blurb of this book I was expecting a trafficking mystery that focused on the rescue of the victims and finding them. This made me really eager to read this book as I have a large number of friends who work for a local charity that provides the aftercare for rescued victims, amongst other trauma recovery care and I’ve done several things over the last few years to help raise money for them.

Unfortunately I found the book took a more far-fetched approach to the situation, with some supernatural elements to the story and such. I also found it hard to believe that the main character could jump into bed so quickly considering what had happened to her. Even after having therapy, it just isn’t that easy. And then after that she seemed to be happy with the idea that their relationship might just be about the sex.

While I thought the book was well-written in terms of technical ability I just found it was too unbelievable for me. It started very well but just got too much as the book progressed, which is a shame as I felt the storyline had so much more potential.

I think if the subject matter hadn’t been something so particularly important to me I would have enjoyed the book more but I just couldn’t look past the way the main character didn’t seem to need to know she was loved before she could jump into bed, or even really build up much trust.