This is one of those kids films that just looked too cute to ignore but I thought I’d missed it as it ws hyped majorly several months ago but then things seemed to go quiet for a while.

It was done in stop motion, I think or at the least animated to look that way and was very nicely styled. There was also quite a number of famous voices, especially of the side characters and henchmen (and really they had most of the best lines from an aduly perspective).

This was definitely one of those kids films that felt possibly like it was even more for the adults than the kids. There was the fairly standard kids theme, this one was who you are on the outside and what society thinks you are doesn’t mean that’s what you are on the inside. Also that you can change and become more than you were before, but shouldn’t do anything for the acceptance of others.

I laughed aloud quite a bit so the film definitely scored well from the comedy side, mostly because of the side characters and henchmen as I said earlier, but I did find the boxtroll snatcher to be quite scary. From an adult perspective probably not that bad, but if I was a child I think I’d have found it a little too scary so please be wary with the younger ones.

All in all it was a reasonable adult version of a kids film that made me laugh but I don’t think it was as good as frozen or tangled let alone the lego movie.