The Escape Company by Steve Fardon is another indie book I picked up on my kindle. The blurb suggests a fun story about two male friends who spring their wives from jail because they view them as being locked up for silly reasons. While slightly immoral and highly illegal I actually really liked the premise for the book.

As long as you don’t take it too seriously it’s a pretty fun ride as the two firm friends plot their way through several prison escapes and move the families to Spain afterwards. They decide that they enjoy the fun so much that they offer themselves out to certain types of criminals to get their loved ones out of jail too.

This was a really nice easy summer style read, with nothing too serious and plenty of amusing moments. A bit like a reverse Sherlock with a little less believability but nothing too outrageous and I found I wolfed it down.

I think I’ll probably pick up a sequel if it comes out sometime but it will be one of those books I read for a bit of light entertainment.

My only drawbacks with the book were the few moments I felt a bit like I was just being told what happened rather than shown but I think with this style of book that’s hard to do. It’s probably why it felt very lighthearted even when they were in the middle of prison breaks. I also noticed a few typos that could have been easily found with a spellchecker, like words run together without spaces but there weren’t  a huge number of these so they didn’t put me off too much.

Unfortunately I can’t actually recommend anyone read this book even though I would like to. I read this book as part of a review swap with the author who wrote it and despite being prompted several times and also requesting more reviews of his book in other threads on the same forum the author has not returned the review of other peoples books, including mine. So as much as I love this book I don’t think much of the author’s integrity.