This was one of those bookclub books that one of us stumbled upon and recommended to the rest of the group.

The GameThe premise is very interesting. A virtual reality that kids use to learn about life before they become adults and live their own life. It feeds everything wrong with celebrity culture as it exists today while at the same time still helping some of the kids.

The book was as good as I’d hoped it would be. It’s not perfect but close enough it’s a great read. The book follows a couple of players, one who has always been doing really well and another who had luck throw her a curveball she’s still trying to recover from.

With such an interesting idea the book handles informing the reader without info dumping incredibly well. I love that every chapter starts with a quote from some fictional interview or book about the game and it gives back story while making it really interesting and building the world around this virtual reality.

A great book I could barely put down. Definitely reading onwards with the series.