I was given a copy of this ebook by the author, Daniel Danser in return for my review.

God ParticleThe blurb for this novel really made me rather interested in reading and finding out what the story was about, as it mentioned the CERN project and as the title suggests the quest for the Higgs-Bosun particle, otherwise known as the God Particle. I was expecting a sort of dan brown mystery with a whole bunch more sci-fi and that was sort of what I got.

I liked the story idea and thought it was a really interesting look at what might happen with the collidor if it’s left on for too long. It was a little far fetched in places but almost all disaster stories are to make something fairly normal lead to an epic disaster, so no complaints there.

Mostly though I found the book a little tough to read, especially near the beginning. I couldn’t actually work out who the main character was to begin with and felt a little confused as to why I was introduced to so many characters that appeared for that one chapter and then that was it. I know it was a way to provide a more human perspective on what was happening to the world, but I found that it just made me loathe to get attached to any of the characters. The only one I liked of these was the one towards the end with the surfer, as it felt more tense and well described than the others.

I also felt the ending dragged out a little. I got to a bit several times where I thought, this is the final showdown, and then something happened which led things elsewhere, and then someone escaped, and then there was a another bit, and then another character escaped and finally it got to the end, at which point I wasn’t sure I’d enjoyed the book.

All in all a book I’m still not sure if I enjoyed or not. There was nothing in particularly wrong with the writing itself, I just was never quite sure where I was and who I was meant to be getting attached to.