It’s here! This is the cover for my upcoming release, The Hundred Year Wait.


Mycroft’s life is perfect, except for one small coded message he can’t quite crack, but this doesn’t bother him. His brother, Sherlock, has always helped out when tasks require more effort than he’d like. He’d never thought life dull, until he found Amelia.

In this novella, a man of extraordinary intelligence finds himself puzzled by someone he knows is inferior.  While preventing a terrorist attack he will need all his experience to keep her alive.

If you want to make sure you hear about this ebook when it comes out (hopefully about two weeks time) just head on over to my mailing list subscription page. I’m super excited about getting this one out so I’ll be putting a lot of effort into finishing it off as soon as I can.

There will also be a chance to win an advance copy of the ebook in my Easter weekend hunt/trail/giveaway/competition/thing so check back tomorrow if you’re really keen (there will also be other prizes).