This was one of those films I wasn’t sure about watching when I saw the trailors. I’m just not sure they quite sold what the film really was, but when I noticed it was being shown on TV I thought it would be worth a viewing.

This was a funny film, as to be expected but even this little slogan didn’t entirely summarise what the film was like. You see, not only were people only able to be truthfull, they said, whatever they were thinking. They had to tell you exactly what they had just done and no one seemed that embarrased by finding out.

So this actually leads to some really deep suggestions on the idea that lying sometimes might actually be a good things. Over emphasising the good qualities of something can actually be very good for building hope. Sometimes not saying the exact things we are thinking but saying something else in order to be positive and encouraging can acually be a benefit to society.

I actually found this film, both making me laugh, and making me think, and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. Ricky Gervais did a really good job and although there was a little bit of rudeness, here and there, for him it was pretty clean and it’s given me a new sense of respect for the guy as an artist.

The whole thing really was quite clever and observational humour is one of my favourite types so definitely worth my time to watch it.