The Legacy Inheritance is a novella by Patrick Donnell.

It’s modern and set in the US in a standard city. The character is a pretty average joe who finds himself being made redundant and is doing his best to get himself back on track and in another job before the monotony of living alone at home sets in and he gives up on his life.

The book takes a little while to get going but it picks up the pace and interest as soon as the main character gets his call to inform him someone he knows has died and left him an inheritance. He then goes on the quest set to him by the guardian of the will. This is by far the most interesting part of the book and with a little bit of fun with the voices would make this book a great one to read to children.

The message and morals of the book are completely obvious and the author does nothing to try and hide them but I actually feel this adds to the book. It’s an easy to read, light hearted but good for you sort of book. I read it in one gulp while sitting on the sofa, too poorly to be working and it was the perfect lazy afternoon read.

My only one issue with the book was the formatting. I think something somewhere had gone a bit screwy between the word document uploaded by the author and being turned into a mobi file by amazon cause sometimes the book would switch from left alligned to central and occasionally paragraphs would be cut in half in odd places. This didn’t really detract from the book in my opinion as often scans of out of copyright books have equally interesting formating.