The Legendiers And The Battle Of Darkness by Jeremy Johnson is my first book being reviewed from The List of best indie author books being created on Amazon.

The legendiers synopsis from Amazon

Omri Vale’s parents recently died and he believes it was his fault. Now he is an orphan and placed in foster care. He is transported to a mystical land from his mysterious foster home where he is received as the coming of a legend foretold. He immediately begins looking for a way back home only to find that the thousand year old legend has already begun.

He joins with Amaron Borne, the boy who would be king and they journey together in an effort to reunite the land. They rescue Pacumeni Tuck, a beautiful maiden and the embodiment of light who joins the quest. Prag, the winged boy from the city of Aerland also allies with them as the legend foretells. Omri, Amaron, Pacumeni and Prag are the heroes of legend… They are the Legendiers.

Time is their foe as dark forces arise to stop them. The evil Markduk is creating an army of creatures to fight and cast the land into eternal darkness. The legendiers must complete their journey, retrieving the magical orbs of awareness, creation, wisdom, knowledge, hope, time and enlightenment. Omri must choose to use the orbs fulfilling his role as the legendary hero or as a gateway back home.

My Opinion

As you have already probably worked out this is a fantasy genre book and quite the epic. It’s mostly a rite of passage style book so if that is a theme you like then you will love this book. It’s reasonably well written for an indie book and although meant for a younger audience than me I still enjoyed the journey the characters went on.

The pacing was good but could have been slightly quicker at the start. I think as the story progressed the writer did as well and the few minor things that wrankled and pulled me out of the story stopped doing so after about half way through.

I would say the plot is the definite strength of this book and was my favourite part and I would say it’s a book that was worth forgiving for its minor mistakes as the plot was well thought through and carried the rest out of mind.

I also loved all the different types of creatures, foes and friends the heroes met on their travellers. The writer had evidently thought a lot about all the different types and they were all unique and special in their own way.

The characters also grew in strength as the book went on and while it took me a little while to attach myself to the characters I found I liked them all by the end, especially Pacumeni.

I’ll be looking out for more by this author, especially if there is a sequel or other books set in the same land.

I’d give the book 3 3/4 stars. It was almost 4 if it hadn’t been for the few things that jarred near the start of the book.

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Disclaimer: I was in no way paid for this review or otherwise persuaded to give a favourable book review, this is entirely my own opinion.