I’ve recently aquired the third film in this set so I thought I’d run through all of them so far over the next few weeks (new releases at cinema may be interspersed, depending on how many I get to go see).

This is the first film Hollywood made of the seven book series and the most iconic. It’s the one most people love and remember from the old tv series.

Yes, this is technically a Christian film but it’s also a good story. Every kid wants to suddenly become the hero in a great adventure, but this goes one step better than that. This has a whole set of siblings become heroes and even kings and queens together. As a kid it’s pure magic.

On top of that there’s some great messages. Often what appears amazing (the White Queen’s offer) isn’t really and sometimes we have to be brave, even when we don’t want to be.

I also really loved the bit where Susan and Lucy walk with Aslan, when he’s on the way to see the White Queen. There’s something very humble and sweet about Aslan wanting the company then. It’s a beautiful moment in the film. As is the bit where the Professor tells Susan and Peter off for not believing Lucy about Narnia existing.

I really feel the makers did a really good job of capturing all the little details in the books too. The varied creatures were amazing and the beavers were adorable. All those little things help to bring a film alive and they really did with this one.

This is one of those films that is great to re-watch as well. I think I may even do a marathon of all three that have been made so far.