That is all.



Well no actually it isn’t, but this is my 42nd blog and I’m afraid I just couldn’t help myself.

I did say I’d talk about my book sales during my promotion period so I think now is a good time to do that.

Well lets start with sales figures before the promotion. I had the book priced at just over £2 and I was getting about 62% of that after vat, amazons cut and download costs. I was getting an average of 5 sales per month and knew that changing the price to 70p at a royalty rate of 30% that I needed to sell approximately 6x more in the same period. So for a half month I needed to sell 15 copies to make it financially sensible.

I’m pleased to say I sold exactly 20 copies in the 16 days it was only 70p. Now that might not seem like a lot to some people but considering I was only getting 5 per month roughly one over 6 days to then get just over 1 per day was a very lovely boost. Also, considering the genre I’m in I seemed to be getting quite close to the genre top 100 on Amazon.co.uk with those sales figures.

Despite all that, however, I have decided to raise the price again for now. I still found that approx 50% of those sales could be traced back to something I did during those two weeks and I think I would have had higher than normal sales anyway. So I’ve raised the price again and will see how it affects the sales going forward. They may well drop off again but at least I know that my own efforts in getting the word out there is paying off. I directly sold at least 10 copies of my book in only two weeks from things I posted, facebook status’ etc.

So overall I’m pleased everything is picking up but I’m going to play with the pricing a bit longer.