This is my first review in a while (I promise I’m getting back in the habit) and was originally written for elsewhere so I’ve rejigged it to fit in more with the syle of review I usually do here on my own blog. But anyway, here’s my review of The Perfect Guy by Ann Herrick

I want to start by saying that I’m not hugely fond of this cover and I think it’s where the book lets itself down the most. Unfortunately it wouldn’t have made me buy it, but it could be worse. The guy is rather cute though.

For the YA genre the characters are spot on and I could imagine myself being just like Rebecca when I was that age (I too had a step-brother). My only niggle was I thought Rebecca forgave a little too quickly. I won’t say who she forgave and why she needed to but it felt a teensy bit out of character to be reconciled quite so quickly. it was a minor niggle though.

The storyline was a fairly typical YA romance so no disappointments there. It played it safe but it did it well so I was content to go along with the flow.

I really enjoyed the pacing and smoothness of the book. For me it was spot on the balance between action, description and emotions. Again, nothing totally special, but yet also special, because I never felt jarred out of anything. It just kept rolling along nicely. Definitely the strength of the book. I was absorbed and just kept reading.

I don’t think I noticed a single mistake the entire book but the formatting for the indent at the start of each paragraph was a little kooky. I think spaces were used rather than the indent feature and it was a little odd sometimes, but my eyes got used to it eventually.

In conclusion this is a great YA romance that will be a breeze to read and not overly tax the brain. Very satisfying ending and well written and edited. I definitely enjoyed it and will be on the look out for more by the author.