I got to see this at the cinema, yay! (I much prefer seeing films at the cinema even if it is far too expensive without Orange Wednesdays)

Ignoring the horrible green wall colour in the background here are the amazingly stunning cast of this film. It’s based on a book by the same guy who wrote and directed the film. That’s right people, he wrote a book and about ten years later managed to get it made into a film after he, himself, had written the script. I was already well disposed to like this film from that fact alone. I love these kinds of people.

I’d not read the book but watched the trailor the day before the film just to make sure I had some idea of what the film was about. Mostly the trailor implied teenage right of passage style stuff about a guy who really wasn’t good at making friends. There was no hint at the real sadness and deepness to what actually happened in the film. This film touched on some really deep issues and did a very good job of showing the after effects of shildhood trauma.

There were some great comedic moments and although this was more of a teenage film I still felt young and crazy enough to really get into the mindset of the main characters. They lived life for every special moment and I still try to do that. My favourite line from the film is ‘Let’s go be psychos together’.

I think the film was a little too understated on what had gone wrong in Charlie’s life before meeting his new friends as it never even came out right and said what had happened to Charlie when he was young, although it hinted at it a heck of a lot. I almost wish it had come out and said it. I think it would have had more dramatic effect on the audience but either way this film really tugged the emotions in many different directions. At times I was laughing my head off and other times fighting back tears.

I really hope I can add this film to my collection.