Last month

This was in interesting month so I’ll do some bullet points.

  • Hand wrote approx 8k of shattered
  • Typed approx 27k including 11k of new project, Lady Winter
  • Spent 15 hours working for Red Feather
  • Spent approx 30 hours doing marketing and promotion
  • Read for about 30 hours
  • Sent 42 emails

I had the book launch for Chains of Freedom this last month and it was really well received. Sales were good and I have already said that I managed to beat a few Bernard Cornwell books on the day which has made my month I think. I know it’s a little artificial in that I asked people to buy the book on the day to boost sales but it still feels good and is a boost for the push Amazon will give the book.

You will probably also notice above and in the progress bars to the right that there’s a new project which i’ve given the working title of Lazy Winter. That’s definitely not going to be the final title but I’m struggling with coming up with something I like for that so for now Lady Winter it is. This book is going to be the first in a fantasy series I’ll work on beside the Sherdan’s series.

On top of that I’m going to be typing it straight rather than writing by hand so I’ll keep working on Shattered by hadna t the same time, balancing the two projects so shattered doesn’t effect my emotions too much while I’m writing the difficult parts of it.

This month I’m helping out with Andrew’s next book launch, as I said before, of Reality Deconstructed. That should be good. I really can’t say enough how good an author he is.

I also want to write a good 30k words split between the two current writing projects and get Chains of Freedom ready for print. I just need one or two more reviews for the back blurb and then to sort out the files to upload to the printers. Hopefully that will mean sometime in September or very early October I’ll be doing another print book launch.

I’m also hoping to get For such a time as this, my fantasy novella edited and polished to release as an ebook. It probably won’t come out in print until I have some more shorter works to go with it but that should happen around a year or two from now.